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That’s enough book reviews for a bit.

If you prefer comics, amuse yourself by reading this.
It makes sense that an evil genius would be an atheist, and I guess making him a non-practicing Jew is somewhat logical (some of the most intelligent people in the past two centuries have been largely non-religious Jews, after all). I don’t know where the Episcopalian bit would come from, though. Possibly brain damage on the part of Smallville writers.


  1. echomikeromeo said,

    Oooh, glad to have posts to read again!

  2. Cairnarvon said,

    No promises.

  3. Terras said,

    I liked Luthor as a secular humanist, but I much prefer him as angry man blaming Superboy for his lack of hair.

  4. echomikeromeo said,

    That’s a shame… I suck at making people feel better, but hang in there.

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