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The Problem(s) with Clinton

For some unfathomable reason, Hillary Clinton is still leading in the polls, and it’s looking increasingly likely that she’ll be the next president of the US. Whether the Bush → Clinton → Bush → Clinton pattern is neat or profoundly disturbing is open to debate, but what worries me more is that Democratic voters would actually vote for Clinton.

Clinton has the right idea about some issues. She’s right about fiscal policy (she opposes government debt and opposed Bush’s tax cuts). She’s right about energy policy, as far as I can tell. She right about the free market, which is a rare thing indeed in Ameriko (she’s opposed to an unfettered free market, and supports fair trade agreements). She’s right about the importance of the UN, human rights (and it’s sad this has to be explicitly stated), gun control (though obviously she doesn’t go far enough for my tastes), abortion (if you look past the “I’m personally opposed to it” pandering), stem cell research, and net neutrality.

However, she’s wrong on so many more issues, many of which are considerably more important.
She’s wrong about healthcare (she thinks she’s trying to help, but privatisation will destroy it). She’s wrong about immigration (though beyond “border security” (that is, building that goddamn wall, which she supports), her voting record isn’t actually that bad, I’ll grant). She’s profoundly wrong about Israel. She’s wrong (so very, very wrong) about flag burning. She’s wrong about crime (she’s in favor of the three strikes law, and is generally in favor of tougher punishments, which is so wrong-headed it’s not even funny). She’s wrong about the death penalty. She’s wrong about No Child Left Behind.

She’s wrong about violent video games, which I wouldn’t consider that big a deal if not for this incident involving GTA:SA (remember the Hot Coffee bullshit?): she warned Rockstar that if they didn’t change the game’s rating from M (17+) to AO (18+, because apparently that’s not an empty gesture since people go through a magical transformation when they turn 18, making them a whole different person from when they were 17), she would introduce federal legislation to regulate the sexual content of video games.
Rockstar changed it, and five months later, she introduced the legislation anyway.

She’s wrong about Iraq, obviously. She voted in favor of the war, and still refuses to admit that was a mistake. Considering her warmongering hawkishness, I don’t trust her not to piss off Iran.
And naturally, she’s wrong about “homeland security”. She voted for the Patriot Act, but so did everyone else (except Feingold, yes), so I’ll forgive her for that. She supported the filibuster against renewing it in 2005, but apparently only because New York (for which she’s the junior senator) didn’t receive enough funds.
I’m not convinced she understands the importance of not sacrificing civil liberties to gain some illusory sense of security.

And she seems to be a homophobe. She’s opposed to gay marriage (though she supports separate-but-equal “civil unions”, as if that’s not a bullshit concept), she supports the (unconstitutional and Orwellianly named) Defense of Marriage Act, and she even refused to say homosexuality isn’t immoral when asked.

Now, you could say her wrongness is just a result of trying to pander to literally everyone at once (and it is; she’s even more blatant than McCain), and doesn’t necessarily reflect anything about how she’ll behave once she’s in office, but are you willing to take that chance?

My main concern, though, is that she’ll pull the Democratic Party even further to the right, thereby destroying any chance the US has of sensible government for decades to come. Bush and the neo-cons did it for the Republican Party (though the religious right, of course, already beat them to it; they just made it even worse), and the anti-Bush backswing isn’t undoing it.
From that perspective, it almost might be better if a Republican won the election, though not really. The most immediate problems are global warming and the threat to global stability posed by the Middle East, and a Republican can only aggravate both.

I seriously think that if Gore doesn’t run (he’s the only one with enough support to beat out Clinton, at this point), we’re all screwed.

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    Indeed. It’s pretty fucking frightening.

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