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So I didn’t quite reach my goal of finishing fifty books this year like I did last year (or my personal record of 200, in 2004). I blame the dearth of good books I haven’t read yet in the various bookstores I frequent, and the fact that I started taking my laptop to school instead of books, now that the wireless internets finally work throughout the building.
I still finished sixteen:

  • Irreligion John Allen Paulos
  • Math Hysteria Ian Stewart
  • Introduction to Cryptography and Network Security Behrouz A. Forouzan
  • Barking Tom Holt
  • The Goldilocks Enigma Paul Davies
  • I Am Legend Richard Matheson
  • God Is Not Great Christopher Hitchens
  • Making Money Terry Pratchett
  • Animal Farm George Orwell
  • God Explained in a Taxi Ride Paul Arden
  • Jippus et Jannica Annie M.G. Schmidt
  • The Red Queen Matt Ridley
  • Flatland Edwin Abbott Abbott
  • Collapse Jared Diamond
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick
  • Professor Stewart’s Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities Ian Stewart

Most of those were either relatively unremarkable or utter crap. And no, Snow Crash isn’t on that list, because it was too shit to finish.


  1. Skatje said,

    What’s your opinion on Collapse?

    I keep telling myself to read it.

  2. Cairnarvon said,

    It really isn’t worth the effort. Some bits are interesting, but a lot of his facts are shaky and most of his conclusions are unwarranted. You can’t really read it without a verifying/correcting source next to it.
    I haven’t read Guns, Germs, and Steel, but I often got the impression Collapse was just left-over ideas he had that weren’t actually good enough to make it into the first book.

    Also, it has an endorsement by the Daily Mail on its front cover.

  3. echomikeromeo said,

    I loved Flatland when I was in sixth grade–not sure how it would hold up some eight years later.

  4. Cairnarvon said,

    Not well, I would think. Abbott just isn’t very bright.
    My version was annotated by Ian Stewart, who’s a lot more interesting. Apparently he also wrote a sequel, Flatterland, but I haven’t found it in (offline) stores.

  5. Watakwa said,

    Have you read Anthem by Ayn Rand? I liked it when I read it a few years ago.

  6. Cairnarvon said,

    Fuck you.

  7. Watakwa said,

    What? What did I say?


    He’s just being tsundere.

  9. ANN RAND MEME FAN said,

    How about “Atlas Shrugged”

  10. Chris Done said,

    Ohh, I read Making Money a couple years ago, it’s hilarious! I laughed out loud throughout. It’s pleasant to find that Pratchett’s latest work is actually fresh and funny. I don’t find much new insight from reading Pratchett but it sure is entertaining.

    I’m afraid I’ve had similar experience with Snow Crash. I got sick of reading it and moved on.

    It seems we have similar book interests. I recommend House of Leaves, a curious and interesting book with meta-upon-meta-level style of writing. It’s like reading /prog/. Except the author has more wacky tricks than BBCode.

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